Leather Lane

Which City claims to have the best Street Food – does it matter? London’s Leather Lane has it all!

There is much debate as to which International city serves up the best street food. Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Marrakesh, Mexico City are all in the mix - and deservedly so! London, however, can boast to having the best of all of these influences (and more!) on one street alone.

Leather Lane, in London’s Midtown, is home to an array of street food stalls serving up dishes inspired from around the world. Brazillian BBQ, Japanese Dim Sum, Turkish kebabs and good old British pies to name but a few. It is not just International specialities that make the cut, however. Almost any dietary requirement can be met along this enchantingly scruffy, bustling street, with vegan and gluten free products regularly advertised on the daily special chalk boards.

Head down to Leather Lane on a weekday lunchtime and you’ll soon see that this street is no secret to local office workers. It is, without fail, consistently thriving with ‘suits’ and ‘hipsters’ alike, either queuing at their favourite stall, or for the more fickle of patrons, taking a ‘round-the-world’ culinary trip by opting for Asian cuisine on Monday through to a Mexican feast on Friday. Who could blame them!

So next time you read an article weighing up the merits of the best cities for street food, remember that you can have it all on Leather Lane. But don’t go there hungry…the aroma coming from every hot-plate will make it impossible to resist over ordering the most indulgent of dishes.

Mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich anyone!? Try heading down to ‘Grill. My. Cheese.’ at the Clerkenwell Road end of Leather Lane for one of their signature sandwiches, the ‘Mac Attack’.


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