Leather Lane

Leather Lane is the street that runs parallel to Hatton Garden, in London’s Holborn. It is home to an array of independent cafes, restaurants and shops and a bustling market open every week day which specialises in clothing, footwear, fruit and veg but most notably an assortment of some of the most exciting street food that you will ever come across, satisfying any Londoner’s growing love of eating on the hoof!

Whether you are after a gluten free quiche or a winter warming mac & cheese sandwich, Leather Lane has the answer to the most culinary cravings – all to be enjoyed in an exciting and playful atmosphere!

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Leather Lane Street Guide

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Leather Lane, London, EC1

Anything you fancy?
Anything at all

Which City claims to have the best Street Food – does it matter? London’s Leather Lane has it all!

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